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Headquartered in Morrisville, Skytel Systems LLC is a privately-held telecom/IT Services/ Hardware service company serving the Southeast since 2005.  

Our corporate mission To always deliver value through rapid innovation to bring the best available solutions to our customers at the lowest possible cost.  Skytel Systems is a MICROSOFT GOLD certified Partner and CISCO Premier Certified Network Solutions partner with decades of combined experience in IT services, network security and OEM-certified hardware services.  Now we offer the state of the art in unified business voice communication.

An answer to a challenge The Skytel System was developed at the request of IT customers who asked for a more cost-effective way to merge available network capacity to a PBX.   Skytel was developed using open source software. The first generation PBX system was installed for select IT customers with resounding success, meaning, the goal of achieving integration and reduced cost was reached- exactly the breakthrough our small business customers were asking for.   Skytel now offers the third generation, under the CIRRUS brand to small and medium businesses throughout North America and the world. 

Skytel’s CIRRUS system is different CIRRUS is a true PBX with all of the VoIP PBX features that are available in larger systems costing tens of thousands of dollars to buy, set-up, and maintain, but now YOU are in control.   We created this hosted business PBX solution so small and medium businesses could get advanced features that are more manageable and user friendly, without expending resources for a technician.   Just tell us how many employees will be on the phone system at any given time, and we take care of the rest and support your system day and night.

Skytel’s CIRRUS system is stable and reliable Skytel has a 4-year track-record of dependability, and is built on an extremely reliable, redundant network, from the servers- to the network equipment- to our SIP providers and connections.

 CIRRUS is Scalable - an excellent voice platform for growing companies The Skytel system can scale from three phones to 750 phones, connected to one PBX system in the cloud. These Virtual PBX systems can also be joined together to create a larger solution. 

CIRRUS is the phone service- PBX system bundle that should have been developed in the first place, but it took one company to listen to customers’ needs and deliver a performance breakthrough, so our customers can have it all now at a lower monthly cost and eliminate a significant capital outlay. 

The Skytel CIRRUS solution is proving to be the most cost effective VoIP PBX plan offered to businesses today.  With low, flat monthly rates and no extra support or service charges, what we quote is what you get, tailored to your business.   CIRRUS has the advanced feature like VM to email, find-me-follow-me, smart-phone mobility, conference bridges, and an interactive voice response system.   CIRRUS at HOME now offers a low-cost home-system bundle that is the perfect solution for individuals or a network of remote associates, including unlimited inbound and outbound calling, a private line and e-fax service with integrated mobility to enhance your business image and customer response for less than you’ll pay for old fashioned home dial tone.   At HOME operates on a secure private network that keeps the telemarketing clutter away from your home and business.  


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